My name is Daniel. I am a graphic designer and educator living in Lexington, Kentucky. I love design, nature, live music, pizza, and good bourbon.
My passion as a designer lies in the creative problem-solving process — what some call design thinking or human-centered design. By asking the right questions, clearly defining  goals and developing a deep understanding of the people and organizations involved in a project, we can develop effective, engaging, and elegant solutions to design problems. 
Good design is both beautiful and useful — a perfect balance of form and function. Design has the power to change the way we behave and even the way we think. It informs us, it entertains us, it helps us find our way. It is a powerful catalyst for social change.
I want to use my knowledge of design to help others and to support the greater good — whether that means teaching creative problem-solving methods to college students or community leaders, collaborating across disciplines to address social issues, or creating brands, artifacts and experiences for those who are doing important things. 
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